Quick Start Guide

SmartOffice enables quick and easy document viewing and editing for Android and iOS platforms. This guide demonstrates how our Drop-in UI solution allows you to get up and running with minimal coding effort.

Drop-In UI


The Drop-in UI connects with the native file browser on your Android and iOS platforms for ease of integration and to enable the best possible document management experience.


After following the integration steps in Getting Started for Android use the SmartOffice drop-in activity, DefaultOfficeUIActivity, with data representing your file URI and start it:

val intent = Intent(this, DefaultOfficeUIActivity::class.java)
intent.data = <your_file_uri>


After following the integration steps in Getting Started for iOS use the SmartOffice drop-in view controller, SODKDefaultUIViewController, with your file URL and push it from your navigation controller:

SODKDefaultUIViewController.viewController(url: <your_file_url>, whenReady: {(docVC:ARDKDefaultUIViewController?) in
   if docVC != nil {
      self.navigationController?.pushViewController(docVC!, animated: true)

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